Things I have BUILT


Enterprise Developer Platform at Goldman Sachs

I was a part of small team that developed IntelliJSI - a language interface used to convert binary code from Java/Scala to Slang(SecDB) – Goldman Sachs’s proprietary language for enhancing developer's productivity


Your personalized travel planner

I served as head of business & strategy while creating Ithaka from Scratch. Served over 30,000 travellers with a rating of 4.9 on the AppStore


World's first smart blind spot danger notifier for Two-wheelers.

I co-founded the company in late 2019 and raised seed funding to develop the product. We will be launching our first product in Q4 2021

Silly Valley

An Epic card game for Building Businesses and destroying Friendships

I am co-founder of Curved Games - a bootstrapped tabletop game developing group. We aren’t professional game designers, just a couple of enthusiasts who learned everything about game designing from books and people. We have launched our first game - SillyValley in 2021


World's first Blockchain Backed Insurance Product

Vitana was World’s first Blockchain backed Insurance Product. I worked as the Product Manager on the Vitana Project


The easiest way to donate books and spread the joy of learning

Being an avid book reader, I developed Joy as a side project since I strongly believe that Education can liberate an individual and create a better society